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Empty Perfume Bottle 2

Regular price
RM 4.75
Sale price
RM 4.75
Regular price
RM 5.00

Partial / Used / Empty Perfume Bottle for sale. With box & without box but no worries we will pack the perfume safely.

What are Perfume Decants?

Decant perfumes is when perfume is transferred from its original designer or niche brand bottle into a smaller container.

All decanted perfumes at SCENTFLIX comes from 100% authentic brand perfumes. We only sell genuine brand name fragrances. NO imitations, NO knock-offs and NO inspired. 

Is it original?

Yes, at SCENTFLIX we only use authentic designer and niche brand fragrances from their original bottles. We use the methods of using syringe designated for each fragrance and also directly spraying the original perfume directly into the SCENTFLIX bottle.

Please note that when you purchase, you will receive a repacked, unaltered, and hand-decanted fragrance of your choice.